Our Network

LINK – An acronym for Logistics International NetworK. The original founders first gather in Rotterdam 1994 to install the LINK Charter. Merstar International (S) Pte Ltd and seven others (Founder Members) namely: MERSTAR, ENTERPRISE, NAF, LYNAIR, LYNDEN, QCS, VITESSE & WIC formed the alliance of worldwide freight forwarders, as partners around the world. LINK expanded into many countries over the years and continuing expanding further afield harnessing more members to the organization. Currently LINK have more than 60 members spanning across 62 countries, with the diversified network LINK members are above all else to service worldwide customers in their logistics needs.

Wherever the business takes you, whether it’s from Asia, The Pacific, Australia, North and South America, Canada, Europe, Eastern European Cities, The Mediterranean, Russia, Africa or to the remote corners of the world. There will be a LINK Member to serve your freight and logistics needs with prompt & cost efficient service. LINK – Logistics International NetworK is the answer to all your freight solutions in different global market places. Our committed group of locally owned independent Freight Forwarders in different parts of the world, are there to service shippers and consignees of their logistics and shipping needs.

LINK Members are committed to High Quality Service and no tasks are remote to any member even in different time zones, languages and environment. Each LINK Member operates owned customized On-Line Computer System with the LINK connection, is capable in tracking every import/export shipment with timely delivery. The code of practice adhered by all members under the SOP (standard operations procedures), in handling different kinds of shipments, are committed to provide first-hand information with POD (proof of delivery) and status of shipments making LINK the world’s trusted combined logistics provider.

The Financial Status of all LINK Members are of strong background that unilaterally obligates their commitments while providing quality and reliable service to customers of both ends, vice-versa. LINK Members are autonomous in their commitment to shippers & consignees with combined resources and purchasing power expected of any large multinational alliance. Each LINK Member is an established International Freight Forwarder with pristine track-record of reliability and financial stability. Together they formed an unparalleled logistics network that delivers excellent service.

  • Accurate Quality-Service with standard operating & security procedures.
  • Consistent Communication on shipment’s status & accuracy.
  • In-Depth Knowledge of local business practices and government regulations.
  • Efficient Customs Clearance under committed agreements between LINK members.
  • Cost Savings & Competitive Rates from combined buying-power with airlines and shipping lines.